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Navigational Auditing

To allow forward thinking companies to measure and benchmark their navigational standards Deep Sea and Coastal Pilots Ltd is able to offer our bespoke auditing service utilising the considerable experience of our pilots across the maritime industry. For those tanker operators taking part in the OCIMF Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA) Program we are able to provide external auditing services.

Deep Sea and Coastal Pilots Ltd was founded over 60 years ago

The TMSA audit covers:

Companies which are compliant and consistent with their reporting should see beneficial results from charterers and a reduction in some inspection times. Charterers are looking for ever-increasing standards and particularly during difficult economic times, they have a lot of choice of suppliers. Where there is a choice, there needs to be clear differentiators. High evidence-based standards are one of the key differentiators and allow some movement away from purely price-based negotiations.

TMSA External Navigational Safety Audits are one of the key performance indicators necessary for an operator to reach level 4 of the TMSA program, thereby placing themselves in an advantageous commercial position with charterers willing to pay for quality and safety. When requested to provide this service it should be borne in mind that our primary business is the provision of pilotage services and auditing will be undertaken such that it does not interfere with our primary duty.