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Sea Traffic Management Services

Deep Sea and Coastal Pilots Ltd Assisting in the construction of renewable energy installations

Where the continuing search for new oil and gas reserves in the North Sea conflicts with commercial traffic routes, it is increasingly important that vessels are clearly and authoritatively informed, and directed away from sensitive and expensive equipment. Deep Sea Pilots can assist in reducing the cost of damaged or lost equipment, ensure safety of personnel and lead to cost efficient time savings.

The Pilots provided for this work have experience working within the seismic survey industry and carry their own equipment and can thereby work; independently of the ship's equipment (a bonus where space is of a premium). They are experienced in working with guard vessels and the Coastguard, therefore providing extensive communication lines with the relevant authorities. In addition, the pilots provided for this work have completed the basic safety training required for the Oil and Gas Industry, with a number having completed BOISET training. Pilot based traffic management will allow the survey team to concentrate on providing the best data for the client, on time and within budget, and therefore allowing for all the crews attention to be solely on the project in hand.

Pilots can also assist at the time of construction of renewable energy installations (wind farm) by keeping passing traffic clear of the work being undertaken.